There is Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow?

This idea of hope is one of the mostimages (1) crucial differences between an unsaved person and a Christian.  When an unsaved person dies, there is no hope.  The funeral is often filled with despair and loss.

While at a Christian funeral there is still sadness and loss, there is hope as well.  I find that in the life that people live who are not Christians they seem so lost.  They live for today because they do not know or believe that there is something after this life to look forward to.  One of the things that bothers me the most whenever I have attended a funeral of a unsaved person is when they say, “they are in a better place now.”  When I know darn well that they are not.  How do you use that to reach someone who is there that is lost? But a Christian can truly say, “They are in a better place”

What does the future hold?  We cannot know for certain but we can know that Christ is at the end of it if you are saved… I have hope that once I die I will truly be in a better place!  This is really a big theological question.  But it is also the key to giving us hope.  I know that God has promised me eternal life in heaven with Him.  So I have hope, that once I die, I still will live!  I know this through theology, and through the reading of Scripture.  images

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