When Struggle Becomes Real

Struggle is real, with change comes struggle and real change sometimes puts you through a real struggle.  Jesus was about to make the ultimate change when He went to the cross.  While in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus asked His Father to take the cup of suffering from Him.  I try to think of what that must feel like to know that you are about to die a painful death… it scares me that I may run away from the pain I would have to feel.  Jesus did not run He gave it to God.  All that fear He left in God’s hands to use for the Glory of God.  Jesus knew that it was through this suffering that we would have a way to God.  In our lives the suffering that we face can do the same thing.  We can use that suffering to draw people to God or turn them away.  In my life I have suffered and made people suffer.  It was not my plan to hurt those I love the dearest.  I struggled with addiction for nearly 15 years.  It was a struggle to want to stay alive most of the latter days of my addiction.  But God… Through that suffering I am able to talk to people that most others who have served God there whole life cannot.  I can use that suffering I went though and put my family though to bring people to God, just like Jesus.  I am no Messiah but I am made in His image and so are you.  How you deal with struggle with show people a lot.  You see a person’s true character when they are suffering, so use it for the Glory of God to draw people to the Lord.  A healthy attitude is contagious especially when people can see that you are struggling but still have the joy of the Lord.  So do not wait to catch it, be a carrier!

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