Objective Moral Truth

Is it true that there is no objective moral truth?

Let’s define clearly the boundaries of what objective moral truth is. The claim is that our universe contains moral values good and evil, right and wrong actions that exist independently from the opinions of any one person or culture. To find out more about this subject check out this video.

Apologetics 101: Hostile Universe

If God exists, why is most of the universe hostile to life? If you look at the universe it appears from what we can see that life as we know it could not exists. Earth is just a pale blue dot in a huge hostile universe. When we look at a satellite picture of the earth from the outermost reaches of space the earth looks like a tiny blue dot in the middle of an amazingly beautiful picture of chaos. If you look at the universe as pretty as it looks in pictures it is hostile to life, but does that make the case against God? In this video, you will find out why the earth actually makes a case for God.

Falling Away

According to 2 Peter 1 we can avoid falling away from the Lord. Join us as Pastor William A. Horton preaches out of 2 Peter 1:3-13.

1. Spiritual Growth is Directly Related to Biblical Obedience

2. Growing and Knowing are inseparable

3. Obedience leads to Understanding

4. You can’t clearly see your future if you are not growing in the present

5. If these qualities are being added to your faith, you can be assured you will never fall away

Atomic Habits by James Clear

           Atomic Habits

            On my quest to read 52 books this year I have already finished twelve. Today I finished Atomic Habits by James Clear. Atomic Habits is the first book I have finished that I will read again towards my 52-book goal this year. It is hard for me to rank books right after I read them because unless it is a total dud, I think every book I read is excellent. It is only after a few weeks have passed that I reflect on the actual quality of the book. Rating books are very subjective because I am reading for a specific goal and agenda so my ratings may be different from yours because of that. Atomic Habits was so full of rich information that I will reread it. This is the only book so far that I have decided to reread. That tells me out of any of the books I have finished this year; this may be the best so far. Heck, I may start rereading it as soon as I post this.

Wisdom teaches that to be the best in life and to achieve everything you want you must set a specific goal and achieve it. Goals are useful for setting direction, but goals only change your life for the moment. Once you have reached that goal, you stop. Goals are at odds with long-term progress. They create a yo-yo effect. A person may train to run a 5k for months, but as soon as they cross the finish line, they stop training. What is more important than the goal is the system you build to achieve that goal. Focus on the system and not the goal for long-term success (Clear, 2018).

The key is setting small habit and being consistent. There is a Greek parable that asks the question, can one coin make you rich? If you give someone ten gold coins, you would not claim they are rich. However, what if you add another? And another? At some point, you must admit that no one can be rich unless one coin can make him or her rich.

The same is true with habit says James Clear. Can one tiny change transform your life? It is likely you would say no. But what if you made another? And another? At some point, you must admit that one small change can transform your life (Clear, 2018). In this book, James goes over the science behind habits. Tiny changes can add up to remarkable results.

If this sounds interesting to you than I would suggest Atomic Habits by James Clear. Atomic Habits book goes in depth on how to form good habits and how to eliminate bad habits.